Revenge is a Dish Best Left Off the Menu

Last week, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition. Other than being a contender for the worst cover art in existence, this version of the game includes all the previously released downloadable content, a downloadable copy of the Batman: Year One animated movie, and Harley Quinn’s Revenge, a new mission set after the events of the game’s main story. If you have purchased the game already, you can download the new content separately for $10. Unless you are desperate to dust off that copy of Arkham City you haven’t touched in months, you may want to let it sit on the shelf a while longer.

Due to the nature of the DLC, it’s possible this review could contain minor spoilers pertaining to Arkham City‘s story. With that being the case, only read on if you’re comfortable with that information. Continue reading →