No New Hearthstone Classes for Another Year

New and exciting changes are coming to Hearthstone. By shaking up the way that the game is played, Blizzard Entertainment is giving themselves more freedom to try new things without having to worry about conflicting with previous content. One of the many new things the Hearthstone community has been asking for is the inclusion of the remaining three World of Warcraft classes – Death Knight, Monk and the soon to be available Demon Hunter. This retooling of the game provides the perfect opportunity for Blizzard to do just that. Except they’re not going to. Yet. Continue reading →

I, For One, Welcome Our New Remastered Overlords

A couple weeks ago, details leaked out (and were later confirmed) about the impending release of Dead Island Definitive Collection, a re-release of 2011’s Dead Island and it’s 2013 sequel Riptide. The week before, Capcom announced that in celebration of  Resident Evil’s 20th anniversary, they will be releasing Resident Evils 4, 5 and 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The zombies these franchises are known for aren’t the only things being reanimated, as dozens of “remastered” games have been released since the debut of the current console generation in 2013. Consumers see this as a way for publishers to milk more money out of already released games. COO of Electronic Arts Peter Moore has come out and said that developers who follow this practice are only running out of ideas. So if the game-buying public and the worst company in America think it’s a bad idea, it surely must be, right? Perhaps not. Continue reading →