TOP 5: Capcom Characters for Marvel vs. Capcom 3

To compliment my list of Marvel characters who should be included in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, here I’ll be running down who I think should be joining the ranks from Capcom’s side. Now, Capcom doesn’t have nearly as many characters to choose from, but two of the characters I previously had on this list (Bionic Commando‘s Nathan Spencer and Ghouls ‘n Ghosts‘ Arthur) were recently announced, showing that Capcom may be included characters from lesser-known or older franchises. Hopefully they continue that trend and don’t just fill up the roster with characters from Street Fighter.

Killer 7

#5: Harman Smith et al., Killer 7

I’ve included Killer 7 on this list because I think they (he? it?) would present an interesting game mechanic. I imagine that different moves would be performed by the different personalities of Harman Smith, with an animation appearing between each move, and in the middle of combos, showing the sort of exploding effect that happened in Killer 7 when you switched personalities. Or, they could go the Super Smash Bros. Brawl route and assign a button combination that switches which of the personalities you are currently playing as. Or better yet, take a play out of Mortal Kombat‘s book and have a button sequence switch personalities, much like Shang Tsung used to in the older MK titles, each with there own move set. They would fit in with the games unique art style without much tweaking, but they’re low on this list because there is very little chance of this transpiring.


#4: Samanosuke, Onimusha series

Capcom has recently come out and said that the reason there hasn’t been a new Onimusha title in recent years is because the most recent games haven’t fared too well with people. Back in its heyday, Onimusha was a pretty popular franchise, right up there with Devil May Cry as some of the Playstation 2’s best hack-and-slash action games. Including Samanosuke, the main character of both Onimusha: Warlords and Onimusha 3: Demon Siege, would serve as a way for Capcom to see if the Onimusha franchise still has enough fans out there to warrant a new game.


#3: Mike Haggar, Final Fight series

Capcom already knows that fans love Mike Haggar, having included his likeness in both versions of Street Fighter IV, as a DLC costume for Zangief in the original, and as a statue in the background of the Metro City stage in Super, so why not go all out and include him in Marvel vs. Capcom 3? And with the number of Street Fighter characters already at two, it’s unlikely we’ll see Zangief included, so Capcom needs a big, burly man to battle the likes of Hulk. Chirs Redfield’s arms may look like a couple of anaconda’s but I doubt he’ll be able to perform a spinning suplex on someone as large as Hulk.


#2: Sigma, Mega Man X series

Capcom has said that Mega Man X will not be included in the game, and we haven’t even seen regular Mega Man announced yet, so it’s unlikely that anyone else from his games will be included, but if someone were to be, I think it should be Sigma. Sigma is so powerful that every time he is defeated, his programming lives on as a virus only to come back again bigger and stronger. And having been included in almost every Mega Man X game, each time with different abilities and forms, there would be no shortage for ways for him to fight. And with all of his different boss forms in each of the games, there would be a lot of different options for his hyper combos.

Frank West and Chuck Greene

#1: Frank/Chuck, Dead Rising series

Capcom has said that they want to include Frank West in as many games as possible, and having already included him in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, he wouldn’t have a problem fitting into Marvel vs Capcom 3. However, since he’s already been included in a Vs. fighting game, and since Dead Rising 2 was recently released, they should, and probably would, include Chuck Greene instead. I have yet to play Dead Rising 2, so I don’t know just how his combat moves differ from Frank’s, but with all the different combo weapons at his disposal, Chuck could make for some very interesting moves, not to mention super ridiculous hyper combos.

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