Why Nikita is This Season’s Best New Show

If you read my initial review of Nikita from a few weeks ago, you’ll remember how much I enjoyed the first few episodes. I’m happy to report that the subsequent episodes have not let me down. Each episode is giving us more information about each of the characters, gradually building the story, all while giving us new and interesting events each week. Last night’s episode, while a little light on the action, had me wondering where everything was going to end up in the end, at least in regards to Alex’s story. We didn’t get to see much progress in terms of Nikita and Owen this week, but I for one hope he becomes a series regular on the show.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead, for those who haven’t seen the most recent episode.

I could tell right off the bat that the “exercise” Michael was having the recruits travel towards was a set up just from the dialogue he and Percy shared in the scene before. Where the set up was going to go, however, is a different matter entirely. The whole time Alex is being interrogated I kept thinking to myself “Don’t tell them anything! You have to know this is a set up!” I figured that if Nikita trained her as well as they want us to believe, she would have told Alex to stay in her role no matter what, because you never know who you might be confiding in. She didn’t do anything to give herself away as Nikita’s mole, and I don’t believe Percy and the gang suspect her at all, but this definitely showed a weakness in Alex that may cause her cover to be blown sooner or later.

Michael, much like Lydecker in Dark Angel as I mentioned in my previous post, will probably end up joining Nikita in the long run. He’s too good of a guy and is far too fond of Alex and Nikita to keep up with Division for much longer. Whether or not this will take effect this season or not is unknown, but I assure you it will happen. It all depends on when Nikita makes her big move against Division, and just how paranoid Percy can be towards him.

It’s hard to believe that is Devon Sawa playing Owen. I must have missed his guest star credit in the previous episode, but as soon as I saw his name pop up this time I immediately connected the dots. He’s definitely grown up since his roles in Slackers and Final Destination at the beginning of the decade. He’s transformed himself from the boyish-faced crush of every teenage girl into a very rugged bad ass. He’s been mostly absent the past few years, but if he keeps this kind of behavior up we may see him back in the spotlight.

As for his character Owen, if we see him stick it out for the long haul, I think the combination of him, Nikita, Alex and Michael would be a very good team to take down Division with, even if they don’t all work the same way. I’ve got a feeling that at the end of the season, the four of them will each play their own part in stopping Percy and Division, paving the way for a new goal and a new team next season. At the very least, it seems like this season is going to be about finding those “black boxes”, so Owen should play a major role for now, but hopefully will continue after that.

I haven’t seen anything yet about the CW’s plans for Nikita in the long run, whether or not it has been picked up for a full season, how it is doing in the ratings, or anything regarding its future. They are advertising it, however, as their “new hit series”, so we’ll see how much faith they have in it. The CW is one of few stations this season which don’t seem to be canceling shows left and right, so hopefully they’ll keep this one around.

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