You’re Doing It Wrong!: Modern Warfare 2 "Custom Kit Exploit"

With “You’re Doing It Wrong!” I discuss the views and opinions of others, and describe why they’re incorrect in their methods. Today, I’ll explore claims of a certain individual who says he has found an exploit in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that absolutely ruins the multiplayer experience.

Playstation 3 user UnLimiTed-UAV believes that the custom class he has been using – One Man Army, Danger Close, and an assault rifle with the grenade launcher attachment – is far to powerful to remain unchanged. He says he can accumulate 100-200 kills per game in Domination. You can find a video of him in action here.

Right from the start, there are several problems with this video. The first is the title card at the beginning. It reads “Intents Camping Productions.” This leads me to believe that this particular gentleman, and perhaps any of his production associates, do their best at camping while playing Call of Duty, and do so enough that they feel they deserve ample recognition for it. Also, his username, “UnLimiTed-UAV” suggests some sort of modification to the game to provide them with constant UAV. Now these claims are just speculation, but I feel they are warranted.

From here we move on to what we can see from the video. First, we see that UnLimiTed-UAV has every custom class available. This shows that he has played an exorbitant amount of Modern Warfare 2. Also, he is playing a Ground War variant of the Domination gametype, meaning the enemy team consists of three more players, and on the map Terminal that means a lot higher enemy density.

At roughly 4:45 into the video we see him using a Chopper Gunner killstreak to kill a high amount of enemies right at their spawn location. With this being a Domination game, the spawns are fixed to the vicinity of what locations your team has secured. Since his enemy’s team only has the one location, that is the only location they can spawn, resulting in him raking in multiple kills.

I decided to set up a custom class for myself using all the basics of his – One Man Army, Danger Close, and grenade launder attachment for an assault rifle. The first thing I learned is that it is impossible to place more than two claymores simultaneously. After placing a third, the first will explode. When playing on larger maps, such as Quarry, the enemies are a lot more spread out, and when playing any gametype without fixed spawning, such as Mercenary Team Deathmatch, there is much less grouping of enemies as well.

The author of the video does have one valid point. The spawning system does need some work. The number of spawn locations should increase, and there should be a minimum distance modifier (or at least a better one) determining where you spawn.

UnLimiTed-UAV makes it sound like anyone can create this class, use it, and start achieving huge kill/death ratios. That is simply not the case. While the grenade launcher attachment is annoying – as is camping – there are ways of dealing with people who cater to those methods. There are a number of issues that need to be worked out with Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer, but this isn’t something I think Infinity Ward needs to worry about.

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